Sony Playstation Classic Mini 128GB USB Drive ONLY w/ Over 320+ Games MODDED πŸ”₯

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128 GB Playstation Classic: 320+ Games! This list is for a high quality Sandisk USB Drive pre-loaded with 320+ classic PS1 game files for your Playstation Classic console! This listing is ONLY for the USB Drive filled with game files only for you to use to build your own USB drive setup for the Playstation

128 GB Playstation Classic: 320+ Games! This list is for a high quality Sandisk USB Drive pre-loaded with 320+ classic PS1 game files for your Playstation Classic console! This listing is ONLY for the USB Drive filled with game files only for you to use to build your own USB drive setup for the Playstation Classic using Bleemsync (not included, but it’s a free download, message me if you need the link!). I have made this listing because so many people have reached out about where and how to add games from, this is the best deal for that! Buy this and have 320+ PS1 games to choose from! THIS LISTING DOES NOT COME PLUG & PLAY! THIS IS FOR YOU TO ADD/REMOVE YOUR OWN GAMES FOR YOUR PLAYSTATION CLASSIC, WHENEVER YOU WANT! NO RETURNS FOR NOT READING THIS IMPORTANT LINE! WE WILL PROVIDE INSTRUCTIONS AND A YOUTUBE VIDEO WITH THE PROCESS IF YOU NEED HELP! GAME LIST 2Xtreme (USA) 007 – The World Is Not Enough (USA) 007 – Tomorrow Never Dies (USA) Ace Combat 2 (USA) Ace Combat 3 – Electrosphere (USA) Alundra (USA) Alundra 2 – A New Legend Begins (USA) Ape Escape (USA) Arc the Lad Collection – Arc the Lad (USA) Arc the Lad Collection – Arc the Lad II (USA) Arc the Lad Collection – Arc the Lad III (USA) Arc the Lad Collection – The Making of Arc the Lad (USA) Arcade’s Greatest Hits – The Atari Collection 1 (USA) Arcade’s Greatest Hits – The Atari Collection 2 (USA) Arcade’s Greatest Hits – The Midway Collection 2 (USA) Armored Core – Master of Arena (USA) Armored Core – Project Phantasma (USA) Armored Core (USA) (v1.1) Army Men 3D (USA) Azure Dreams (USA) Battle Arena Toshinden (USA) Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (USA) Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (USA) BattleTanx – Global Assault (USA) Beyond the Beyond (USA) Blasto (USA) Bloody Roar (USA) Bloody Roar II (USA) Brave Fencer Musashi (USA)Breath of Fire III (USA) Breath of Fire IV (USA) Bubsy 3D – Furbitten Planet (USA) Bushido Blade (USA)Bushido Blade 2 (USA) Capcom vs. SNK Pro (USA) Castlevania – Symphony of the Night (USA) Castlevania Chronicles (USA) Chrono Cross (USA)Contra – Legacy of War (USA) Cool Boarders (USA) Cool Boarders 2 (USA) Cool Boarders 3 (USA) Cool Boarders 4 (USA) Cool Boarders 2001 (USA) Crash Bandicoot – Warped (USA) Crash Bandicoot (USA) Crash Bandicoot 2 – Cortex Strikes Back (USA) Crash Bash (USA) Croc – Legend of the Gobbos (USA) Croc 2 (USA) CTR – Crash Team Racing (USA) Darkstalkers – The Night Warriors (USA) Darkstalkers 3 (USA) Darkstone (USA) Dead or Alive (USA) Devil Dice (USA) Dexter’s Laboratory – Mandark’s Lab (USA)Digimon World (USA) Digimon World 2 (USA) Digimon World 3 (USA) Dino Crisis (USA) Dino Crisis 2 (USA) Doom (USA) Driver – You Are the Wheelman (USA) Driver 2 (USA) Duke Nukem – Land of the Babes (USA) Duke Nukem – Time to Kill (USA) Duke Nukem – Total Meltdown (USA) Dynasty Warriors (USA) Einhaender (USA) Fatal Fury – Wild Ambition (USA) Fighter Maker (USA) Fighting Force (USA) Fighting Force 2 (USA) Final Doom (USA) Final Fantasy Anthology – Final Fantasy V (USA) Final Fantasy Anthology – Final Fantasy VI (USA) Final Fantasy Chronicles – Chrono Trigger (USA) Final Fantasy Chronicles – Final Fantasy IV (USA)Final Fantasy IX (USA) Final Fantasy Origins (USA) (v1.1) Final Fantasy Tactics (USA) Final Fantasy VII (USA) Final Fantasy VIII (USA) Frogger (USA) Frogger 2 – Swampy’s Revenge (USA) Front Mission 3 (USA) Future Cop – L.A.P.D. (USA) G. Darius (USA) Galaga – Destination Earth (USA) Gauntlet Legends (USA) Gex – Enter the Gecko (USA) Gex (USA) Gex 3 – Deep Cover Gecko (USA) Ghost in the Shell (USA) Glover (USA) G-Police – Weapons of Justice (USA) G-Police (USA)Gran Turismo (USA)Gran Turismo 2 (USA) (Arcade Mode) Gran Turismo 2 (USA) (Simulation Mode) Grand Theft Auto – Mission Pack #1 – London 1969 (USA) Grand Theft Auto (USA) Grand Theft Auto 2 (USA) Grandia (USA) Granstream Saga, The (USA) Guardian’s Crusade (USA)Guilty Gear (USA) Harvest Moon – Back to Nature (USA) Hexen (USA) Hot Shots Golf (USA) Hot Shots Golf 2 (USA) Hydro Thunder (USA) Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (USA) Jade Cocoon – Story of the Tamamayu (USA) Jet Moto (USA) Jet Moto 2 – Championship Edition (USA) Jet Moto 2 (USA) Jet Moto 3 (USA) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (USA) Judge Dredd (USA) Juggernaut (USA) Jumping Flash! (USA) Jumping Flash! 2 (USA) Kartia – The Word of Fate (USA) King of Fighters ’95, The (USA) King of Fighters ’99, The (USA) King’s Field (USA) Klonoa – Door to Phantomile (USA) Koudelka (USA) Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver (USA) Legend of Legaia (USA) Legend of Mana (USA) Lunar – Silver Star Story Complete (USA) Lunar 2 – Eternal Blue Complete (USA) Lunar 2 – Eternal Blue Complete (USA) Marvel Super Heroes (USA) Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (USA) Marvel vs. Capcom – Clash of Super Heroes (USA) Medal of Honor – Underground (USA) Medal of Honor (USA) MediEvil (USA) MediEvil II (USA) Mega Man 8 (USA) Mega Man Legends (USA) Mega Man Legends 2 (USA) Mega Man X4 (USA) Mega Man X5 (USA) Mega Man X6 (USA)Men in Black – The Series – Crashdown (USA) Metal Gear Solid – VR Missions (USA) Metal Gear Solid (USA) Metal Slug X (USA) Monster Rancher (USA) Monster Rancher 2 (USA) Mortal Kombat – Special Forces (USA) Mortal Kombat 3 (USA) Mortal Kombat 4 (USA) Mortal Kombat Mythologies – Sub-Zero (USA) Mortal Kombat Trilogy (USA)Namco Museum Vol. 1 (USA)Namco Museum Vol. 2 (USA) Namco Museum Vol. 3 (USA) Namco Museum Vol. 4 (USA) Namco Museum Vol. 5 (USA) NBA Jam Extreme (USA) Need for Speed – High Stakes (USA) Need for Speed III – Hot Pursuit (USA) Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants – Super Sponge (USA) Oddworld – Abe’s Exoddus (USA) Oddworld – Abe’s Oddysee (USA) Ogre Battle – Limited Edition (USA) Omega Boost (USA) Pac-Man World (USA) PaRappa the Rapper (USA) (En, Fr,De, Es, It) Parasite Eve (USA) Parasite Eve II (USA) Patriotic Pinball (USA) Persona (USA) Persona 2 – Eternal Punishment (USA) Persona 2 – Eternal Punishment (USA) (Bonus Disc) Pizza Hut Demo CD (USA) Pizza Hut Disc 1 (USA) Pizza Hut Disc 2 (USA) Quake II (USA) R4 – Ridge Racer Type 4 (USA) Rampage – Through Time (USA) Rampage – World Tour (USA) Rampage 2 – Universal Tour (USA) Rayman (USA) Rayman 2 – The Great Escape (USA) (En, Fr, Es) RayStorm (USA) Resident Evil – Director’s Cut (USA) Resident Evil – Survivor (USA) Resident Evil 2 (USA) Resident Evil 3 – Nemesis (USA) Ridge Racer (USA) Ridge Racer Bonus Turbo Mode Disc (USA) Ridge Racer Revolution (USA) Road Rash – Jailbreak (USA) Road Rash (USA) Road Rash 3D (USA) Rollcage (USA) Rollcage Stage II (USA) R-Type Delta (USA) R-Types (USA) SaGa Frontier (USA) SaGa Frontier 2 (USA) Samurai Shodown – Warriors Rage (USA) Samurai Shodown III – Blades of Blood (USA) San Francisco Rush – Extreme Racing (USA) Shadow Man (USA) Silent Hill (USA) Sim Theme Park (USA) Soul Blade (USA) Spice World (USA) Spider-Man (USA)Spider-Man 2 – Enter – Electro (USA) Spyro – Year of the Dragon (USA) Spyro 2 – Ripto’s Rage! (USA) Spyro the Dragon (USA) Star Ocean – The Second Story (USA) Street Fighter – The Movie (USA) Street Fighter Alpha – Warriors’ Dreams (USA) Street Fighter Alpha 2 (USA) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (USA) Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (USA) Street Fighter EX2 Plus (USA) Strider (USA) Strider 2 (USA) Suikoden (USA) Suikoden II (USA) Super Bubble Pop (USA) Super Puzzle Fighter Il Turbo (USA) Super Shot Soccer (USA) Syphon Filter (USA) Syphon Filter 2 (USA)Syphon Filter 3 (USA) Tactics Ogre (USA) Tales of Destiny (USA) Tekken (USA) Tekken 2 (USA) Tekken 3 (USA) Tenchu – Stealth Assassins (USA)Tenchu 2 – Birth of the Stealth Assassins (USA) Tetris Plus (USA) Thousand Arms (USA) Threads of Fate (USA)Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Lone Wolf (USA) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Rogue Spear (USA) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (USA) Tomb Raider – The Last Revelation (USA) Tomb Raider (USA) Tomb Raider Chronicles (USA) Tomb Raider II – Starring Lara Croft (USA) Tomb Raider III – Adventures of Lara Croft (USA) Tomba! (USA) Tomba! 2 – The Evil Swine Return (USA) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (USA) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (USA) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (USA) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (USA) Twisted Metal (USA) Twisted Metal 2 (USA) Twisted Metal 4 (USA) Twisted Metal III (USA) Um Jammer Lammy (USA) Vagrant Story (USA) Valkyrie Profile (USA) Vandal Hearts (USA) Vandal Hearts II (USA) Vigilante 8 (USA) Warhawk – The Red Mercury Missions (USA) Wild Arms (USA)Wild Arms 2 (USA)Wipeout (USA) WipEout 3 (USA) Wipeout XL (USA) Worms (USA) Worms Armageddon (USA)WWF SmackDown! (USA) WWF SmackDown! 2 – Know Your Role (USA) WWF WrestleMania – The Arcade Game (USA) X-Bladez – Inline Skater (USA) X-COM – UFO Defense (USA) Xenogears (USA) X-Files, The (USA)X-Men – Children of the Atom (USA) X-Men vs. Street Fighter (USA)Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (USA)


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